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Project Guidance / Re: Controlling multiple LEDs ...
Last post by sterretje - Today at 06:08 pm
Oh, we can tell or point you in the right  direction. There are two (or more) articles on the web about interrupt driven analogReads for arduino; one by Nick Gammon if I'm not mistaken. You can do a search (not posting from a pc at the moment so I  don't have my references at  hand).

Question is if it's the right approach. And seeing delays in your code, there are more than likely far better approaches.
but the problem seems to be at power-up
So this only happens the first time power is applied to the board, either by USB or VIN/Barrel Jack? (And not after uploading the sketch?)
Other Software Development / LED on/off
Last post by ted - Today at 06:08 pm
This line produces PWM sine to PBA 7, how to make it turn on the LED at C13 when the sine is positive and turn it off when the sinus  is negative?

val2 = 50 + amp / 10.0 * sin (stp * i + shift * 0.1 * 6.2831 / 360);
Software / Re: ESP-01
Last post by SukkoPera - Today at 06:07 pm
Quanta RAM libera hai?
Putting the password in an array of chars would be a good start.  Start with an array index variable set to zero.
 Then, as a character is received it can be compared to the character at the current position in the array and if correct the corresponding LED is turned on and the index to the array incremented.  Once the index equals 4 (see below) turn on the fifth LED.  If the wrong character is received at any time turn off all the LEDs and set the index back to zero and start again.

The value of the index to a 4 element array will be from 0 to 3, hence the test for the index reaching 4 indicating success.  Do not try to retrieve or test element 4 of the array as it does not exist.
Deutsch / Re: Arduino Serial per USB aus...
Last post by Rabenauge - Today at 06:07 pm
..indem du ihn einfach ansteckst.
 In der IDE rufst du dann die serielle Konsole auf, stellst die richtigen Parameter ein und wartest.
Eventuell musst du noch entsprechende Berechtigungen einrichten...das ist aber abhängig von deinem genauen System, also Gruppe usw.
Arduino Due / Re: RTC Read issue when runnin...
Last post by ard_newbie - Today at 06:07 pm

I don't see what : #include <avr/pgmspace.h> does in your code.

BTW, select Serial.begin(250000); instead of 9600 bauds to speed up Serial printings.
Good idea.
The fishing bobber could then stop the fuel flow from the main tank to stop air entrainment and draw from a reserve.
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