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Proyectos / Re: Banco de potencia
Last post by Jesusgrau - Today at 02:37 am
Buenas tardes
The arduino NANO (my transmitter in this case) has two ports, pins 0 (RX) and 1 (TX)

My receiving device- the arduino mega has 8 -


0(RX), 1(TX)

19(RX), 18(TX)

17(RX), 16(TX)

15(RX), 14(TX)

Since both devices will be disconnected from any CPU (unless new code is being uploaded), I think I should be good on the number of hardware serial ports. The question is how to go about the coding?
Space Year / Re: Yay Space
Last post by 3893toscano - Today at 02:34 am
Buenas Noches A Mi me encantaría viajar a la luna saber mas del universo, de todo lo que se esconde mas aya de la luna, viajar a marte, a veces me da miedo también conocer mas aya, pero me gustaría mucho como cambiar de monotonía quisiera ir a la Nasa...

Jejejeje también tengo intriga de saber si hay extraterrestres como vemos en películas..

bay...wenas noches

juan camilo Toscano :)  :)
Wow, you are doing it the hard way. 
I'd recommend using SPI.transfer
Code: [Select]

digitalWrite (ssPin, LOW);
SPI.transfer (registerAddress);
SPI.transfer (dataToSend);
digitalWrite (ssPin, HIGH);

MAX7219 works great with the default 4 MHz SPI clock, Mode 0, and MSBfirst, so you don't even need to address those.
Use pin 10 for ssPin with a '328P.

Make it a function if you want.
Register address will be 0x00 and 0x09 to 0x0F.  You would generally call 5 of them in setup() to get the MAX7219 ready.
Then registers 0x01 to 0x08 to send the array data.
dataToSend will be one of the values needed for the control registers,
or the value to be displayed for a digit or for the column of the 8x8 array..
Deutsch / Re: Selektiermaschine bauen
Last post by DrDiettrich - Today at 02:31 am
Die Abschaltung ist vielleicht ein Feature von schnurlosen Mäusen, zum Stromsparen. Deshalb auch der Tip (ungeprüft), solche Mäuse bei Nichtgebrauch auf den Rücken zu legen. Aber irgendwann muß die Beleuchtung auch wieder eingeschaltet werden.

Ich benutze nur Mäuse mit Schwanz, die funktionieren auch im Bett und müssen nicht ständig aufgeladen werden oder Batterien gewechselt bekommen.
RECORTEC made these 'add-on' counters many years ago for professional decks.

They used one of two methods -
1.   An extra low-friction roller with around 2/3 wrap to ensure good contact in the 'tensioned' zone of the transport.
2.   Or an add-on 'W' roller arrangement which provided local tension to ensure consistent friction over the count roller.

You could go deep, but that would be machine dependent - counting the tach from the tape path - hiowever you must remember the diameter of the supply & take-up reels will change as the tape moves - so the tach will also change if derived from those.

The pinch roller & capstan are only reliable in forward or reverse play modes - so that has limitations as well...

Also consider possibel slip when accelerating or braking - differs with large or small diameter tape rollers.
You could try really high-tech - and use something like an optical mouse - focussed on the tape... (sounds like fun) --- @dougp typed it as I was preparing the post !!
Audio / Re: The project is almost done...
Last post by Oday_Alasali - Today at 02:25 am
Sorry IDK means I don't know, I know the complie thing is about the code getting accepted and not about it being right, but what I mean is that Its not getting accepted to 6x9 because of the first line that is not included with (6)

for example :

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  ((This line is counted from the 6)) if I make it 6x9 like this it doesnt complie
Project Guidance / Re: Counter for reel to reel t...
Last post by dougp - Today at 02:23 am
Maybe an optical mouse sensor?
Humor y Debate / Re: Incógnitas de la vida
Last post by surbyte - Today at 02:21 am
Yo creo que @LauraOyola, simplemente desvirtuas el tema.
No tiene punto de contacto con lo planteado por @Cero13.

Asi que espero tu respuesta o lo muevo a un hilo nuevo para que ahi siga.
I couldn't get Marlin to compile with 1.8.2, 1.8.5. Only 1.6.9.

Then I was told on May 12 about a version that had a bug fixed that had been preventing the compiling.
Search for my posts on May 12 for the Github link to the fixed version. I saved it as
but I don't recall if it was mentioned by name in the discussion.

Code: [Select]

Sketch uses 55154 bytes (21%) of program storage space. Maximum is 253952 bytes.
Global variables use 2526 bytes (30%) of dynamic memory, leaving 5666 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 8192 bytes.

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