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Project Guidance / Re: writeByte not working?
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 05:27 pm
Which Arduino board are you using ?
Where did you get the EEPROM library that you are using ?

Please post a complete program that illustrates the problem rather than snippets

By the way, bold attributes do not work inside code tags and you might want to consider whether you meant this
his shows that the EEP_CALIB_FLAG is 0x00 and not 0x00
Apart from anything else, do you actually mean the value of EEP_CALIB_FLAG or the value stored at that EEPROM location
Programming Questions / Re: Problem with code for data...
Last post by pert - Today at 05:26 pm
Is that really your complete code? You seem to be using an SD library, yet there is no #include directive for SD.h.

It's possible that #include directive is in Adafruit_BMP183.h or Adafruit_Sensor.h but I took a look at the libraries that I guessed you're using for these files and I don't see it. Of course I had to guess about this because you didn't bother to provide instructions for where I could get the libraries you're actually using.
Project Guidance / Re: writeByte not working?
Last post by Riva - Today at 05:26 pm
I don't see a eeprom.writeByte() function in the EEPROM library documentation.
Software / Re: Decodifica segnale IR 40kH...
Last post by Datman - Today at 05:25 pm
I ricevitori IR hanno un filtro passa banda all'interno che deve avere una frequenza centrale uguale a quella del trasmettitore. Controlla i data sheet.
Deutsch / Re: Gerade Fehleranzahl erzeug...
Last post by themanfrommoon - Today at 05:25 pm
Der absolute Encoder zusammen mit den vier im Sketch definierten absoluten Positionen sind die vier Referenzen auf dem Muldenrad.
Deutsch / Re: Arduino Nextion was mache...
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 05:25 pm
echt ich kapiere das nicht
und überall wo ich nach Anleitungen suche überall wird die Nextion Lib verwendet

ohne Lib geht irgenwie Garnichts so richtig
Dann suchst du falsch. Hier im Forum wurde dieses Thema schon oft behandelt.
Suche einfach mal mit der Lupe, oben rechts.

eine frage habe ich noch :)
wie bekomme ich das hin, das beim start des Arduinos
die Pins alle ausgeschaltet sind und ich erst durch drucken auf dem Nextion die einzelnen pins einschalte

wen ich einfach pinMode(mein pin,LOW);
setze kann ich dann nichts mehr schalten

und so sind alle an
Was genau haben die Pins mit dem Nextion zu tun ?
Das Nextion wird doch über die serielle Schnittstelle bedient.
Also die Hardware Serial1 bis Serial3 beim Mega oder beim Uno/Nano/Pro mini per SoftwareSerial.

Da musst du dann die Pins bestimmen, die du verwenden möchtest, aber ohne die irgend wie vorzubelegen.

General Electronics / Re: Solar charging 18650
Last post by slipstick - Today at 05:25 pm
30mA @ 6V is less than 0.2W. Perhaps you need a brighter sun.

mAh means mA times hours. So with 30mA you're would be getting 30mAh in an hour. But how reliable that 30mA is in real life conditions is anybody's guess.

And then how long it will take to charge a battery will depend on what the capacity of the battery is in mAh and how efficient the charger is. But it is likely to be so long that the sun will have gone in (several times). If you're actually relying on the sun then I'd guess between 5 and 10 DAYS from a typical 18650.

First guess is you are using the wrong number 'type'

int tempF = ((1.8*tempC)+32.0);

Humm  'int' will not show negative numbers.

Use Google ;)

C++ Arduino number type     

OUPS ... La fatigue ...
C'est corrigé.
@Pert, I am having trouble finding nthe arduino_debug.exe.  It is not on my computer and I checked this sites d downloads page and didn't find.  Where might I find it?

@ballscrewbob:  If I roll back to prior to the update, won't I be forced to do the update again? 
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