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Hello everyone,
I am deepshika and I am from India.
I am not a student exactly, but I am learning a few tutorials online.
I think I'll learn a lot from this forum!


Sapan Gupta here from New Delhi. I am an entrepreneur and working as a freelancer along with my wife. We both make a good business partnership. I believe in learning, teaching and assisting.

Currently, playing my hands on affiliate websites and blogging. Soon planning to launch an e-commerce store. However, still looking forward to profitable products.


 I am Shimna Suresh..WordPress developer at Yarddiant, Calicut.


Hi I'm Alex, A Design and Technology Teacher from the UK... thinking of starting up an Arduino club here in Mysore...!


Moderators Kudos for representing India .

Hai , ;)
Sibin here , am from KERALA .
A mechanical engineer who happens to be an electronics enthusiast and a coding freak .
I been a evangelist for Arduino since IDE1.0.1 always loved the community and support .

In league with the community support and Arduino I designed and worked with  - UNO CLONES ,CNC , bots , solar energy , IoT-ESP8266 , aquaponics , Agricultural automation , Battery management systems......

Also a Mechatronics enthusiasts ,Developer , product designer , creative technologist. :)


Tejas Here,  I am from Pune
india is may country


It is really great to see India have their own section on arduino site. I love to know that how people are working hard to grow our IT industry.

I have ready different replies and i am pretty sure. There are a lot of talented South Asian users exist on  this website.

Good to know you all. Looking forward to share my experiences with you guys and learn new things form here.


Hello All

This is Vijay from Chennai and have been using Arduino for a year or so and glad to see quite a few in India.

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