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I've designed a set of Full color POV LED Poi. The only part i'm having trouble finding is a 4x AAA cylindrical battery holder (like those found in flashlights). It needs to be less than 1" diameter. I have found one site that has these for sale but the minimum qty is 1000 and i'm getting no response. http://www.blossom-ele.com/sdp/1074412/4/pd-5180803/10145724-2031744/4AAA_LED_Cylindrical_Battery_Holder_for_Torch_CBH7.html

I've found a few flashlights that use these battery holders. I have contacted the companies (led lenser/coast). They do not sell the holders individually.

If anyone has a clue where to find these I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks for your time!

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Thank you but unfortunately these won't work. The housing for the Poi is 1" ID. I believe these square holders have a hypotenuse of about 1.35"
I've scoured DigiKey, Mouser, and Allied to no avail.


If only space is your concern, you could replace the 4AAA batteries with 2 AA + DC-to-DC up converter (3V to 5-6V).

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