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For those that dont know about 3dmicro, its a toolkit designed specifically for labview, which is an extensive visual programmer developed by National Instruments. Lately, the only way to control an arduino board through labview was to use the arduino addon for labview. This addon has limitations, however, the most significant being the fact that you have to be connected to labview at all times for the addon to work.


3dmicro has recently released a beta version of their newest extension: 3dmicro arduino expansion! With this toolkit, developed specifically for labview, you can now visually program your arduino board and independent upload code to it. What does this mean? it means that YOU CAN RUN ARDUINO PROGRAM WITHOUT HAVING TO CONNECT TO LABVIEW! This is an amazing opportunity for those who are more experienced in visual programming(like me) to independently control arduino and not need a constant connection to do so.

There are other software programs that are completely dedicated to visually programming arduino, like modkit, but none are even remotely as extensive to use as labview. Im not trying to say that these programs are no good; in fact, they are very helpful for simple education purposes in visual programming, and will definitely have a significant impact on helping younger students explore the world of programming. For the more experienced visual progammers, however, these programs offer a very limited amount of options. Ive tried other visual programmers as well, but none are quite as easy to use and as extensive as labview. now that the 3dmicro arduino extension is finally coming out, extensive visual programming of arduino is finally possible!

For those who are interested in 3dmicro arduino expansion, you can request the beta software by filling out this simple application:


the application is very simple to fill out, and you should receive a response pretty quickly.
if you have any questions, you should check out the 3d-svs site for more information: www.3d-svs.com


Thank you very much ajrenzetti.

Is a pleasure to know that you like our work notifying that to this community.

We'll keep the community informed on all developments of our software.

Follow us and help our team participating to the beta testing of the Arduino Expansion of 3Dmicro Toolkit:


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