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I've just finished reading C M Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons" - I find the similarity striking.

I have a theory about our energy problem: we paint the earth black.
I remember an article in Omni magazine in the late 70s, saying the solution to global warming would be to paint the State of Texas white.


If it is energy you want you don't need to paint the planet black, just build a Dyson-Harrop Satellite [nothing to do with the vacuum cleaner/hand dryer man].

Building a shpere is a bit ambitious as you would need all the matter in the solar system, but a satellite sounds do-able  :|

In fact any advance civilisation worth its salt will have one hence this paper to detect advanced civilisations by detecting the satellites.

Meanwhile NASA are looking at a faster than light drive so theat we can pay a visit.
The spacecraft does not actually travel faster than light it just bends space around it to achieve the same result - so that is okay then. Apparently they think it can be done without needing several stars to power it.

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