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Topic: [solved] IDE1 DHCP library: included (Terrell) vs Kaindl's one (Read 3446 times) previous topic - next topic


Jan 10, 2012, 11:07 am Last Edit: Oct 18, 2012, 10:30 am by Massimo Banzi Reason: 1
In arduino IDE 1 a library for managing DHCP is included. This is taken from Jordan Terrell's library and it is called when we inwoke int EthernetClass::begin(uint8_t *mac_address). The problem is that, because of Ethernet library new structure, the DHCP is called ONLY there. So if your ip lease expires you have to call again the begin (or reset the program execution). I think this is not the best way and I prefer to use Georg Kaindl 's library http://gkaindl.com/software/arduino-ethernet .
I think it's strange to have included in the official arduino ide the poorest library beetwen Terrell and Kaindl. What do you think about? May be I am wrong and leases are well managed also by Terrell's library?


More info and a kind of solution are available at these pages:




Ignore the pull request, I closed it just now.
The issue is still valid though, and updated yet again, with tests and all.


The problem has been resolved with the IDE 1.0.1 now the only thing necessary is to call Ethernet.mantain().
Look at http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/EthernetMaintain for more info.

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