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Hi, have tried searching but just dont know how its described! any idea what one of these is and where to get it?

kenwood_connector by daharro, on Flickr

it looks like a small version of the ATX power supply connector, 6x2.


I think those are generally called "Molex" connectors.  That one looks like the Molex WM23705-ND.  You by crimp-on male or female pins separately.
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any idea what one of these is and where to get it?

Looks like a 2x6 Molex Mini-Fit connector
You can buy them from DigiKey: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/39-01-2125/WM23705-ND/930275


Be careful to check the shapes of the sleeves to each pin, they vary in shape to prevent plugging the wrong plug/socket together.  There are many possible combinations.
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