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Intro: What - the DUE has come out? I've been a little busy/offline.

Browsing up and down this new forum area. Hmm... seems the initial shipmen is sold out.

browsing a bit around various sites. Yes. Even the Arduino Store is out.

Lets try a local supplier... hey "1 unit left"  :smiley-eek: <orders one as quickly as the web connection allows>.

So I got a confirmation mail. Lets see if delivery happens.

Epilog: The local DK website all 3 I know of says sold out now, too.

Post edit update: Got the track&trace - so I did get one :)


Yes the Due has been out for a while. The initial batch went out pretty fast. the new batch is being delivered now to distributors.

should be back online in a few days.

PS: the Arduino store doesn't get a special treatment, they get the boards the same time as the distributors



I orderd mine on october 23 at arduino store but still processing   :~
Hope they will ship very soon ...


I got one! And then the bad news - no cables that fit it.  :(

Actually, looking at the Arduino Hardware description, the site where I bought it - nowhere does it mention it is a Micro-USB port.

Fortunatly the wife's mobile used a micro-USB - so I am good after all :)

- What do you mean - you need to charge your phone ?

Tom Carpenter

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I orderd mine on october 23 at arduino store but still processing   :~
Hope they will ship very soon ...

If it helps, I ordered my from the arduino store within 20 minutes of it appearing on the store, and it took them until last Thursday (6th) to ship it out. I'm guessing there are just so many orders to get through they are overwhelmed at the moment.
I can't wait until Tuesday :D (Thats when mine will arrive)

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