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So, I got a 4x4x4 Cube kit, with the Rainbowduino and a UartSBee for programming via USB. I was able to upload the "Rainbowduino_RGB_LED_Matrix_Plasma.pde" to it and have it work. I was trying to get the program "latest_cubeXcontrol_and_firmware_windows" to work, but it would not see my harware and always be in offline mode. Since I can't save sketches via the CubeXControl program, I was wondering if there are other Rainbowduino 4x4 examples to use besides the Plasma one? That seems to be the only one I can find on the internet, but I have to assume that others have written sketches for a 4x4x4 cube, or am I wrong and everyone just uses the generic Plasma version? If you could help me find more examples to use that would be great, or even to help get CubeXControl working so I can make them for myself, thanks.

My Kit: http://www.robotshop.com/programmable-4x4x4-rgb-led-mood-cube-kit-3.html



Yes, but I don't know C programming and the CubeXControl didn't work for me, so my options are limited. I guess I assumed that someone else in the world created other patterns for Rainbowduino and a 4x4 RGB LEG cube, but maybe the modified Plasma is the only one? I want something that will turn lights on and off in patterns as well and just just change colors. I am willing to pay someone to help if possible.


C is very easy to learn, and once you figure out how to turn on one light you'll soon be making your own patterns and loops that turn on multiple lights based on some mathematical pattern.

Or you can pay me to write code for you. I'll need you to buy me a 4x4x4 led cube first so I can do the software development :)


If someone is willing to make me some custom code that can cascade colors/lights on and off and make other cool patterns please let me know via PM or reply. I will have no problem compensating you for your time. I am not willing to buy the hardware, but if the code you deliver works, then I will pay for your time. I just don't have the time or patience to learn and program it myself, so I am sure there are some good C programmers that could use some extra beer money :)


I know its been a while and no responses, but if anyone can help modify the Plasma code for me please let me know. I'd still be willing to pay or buy you dinner or a beer or something!~


i am looking for some more examples too, i like the product but i was hoping to find more of a community behind it too. i want to find something that will work for a night light, and not having it light up a whole room.


I too would like to see some code examples for lighting up RGB 4x4x4 cubes. I am still buiding mine, and Im wondering how I will have to modify code to get my cube to work, depending on how I build it.

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