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Hello frinends

I've an interesting question (because surprisingly I cannot find the answer on Google):

I've read the voltage values with an multimeter, from 5v and 3.3v arduino pins, and I read in 5v pin = 5.68 volts! And from 3.3v pin = 3.7 volts! Is that normal?

I've simply connect the arduino to an USB cable to the computer, and nothing more attached to the arduino!

And more surprisingly I've read the values from Vin pin, and i've read 5.09 volts!

Is that normal? Please explain to me!

I'm asking this because i need for an project LCD Nokia exactly 3.3v and i'm worried to burn the lcd. Is voltage divider with resistors an option?



Reading Vin while connected to USB to meaningless.

If you're measuring 5V as 5.68V while connected to USB (and only USB), sounds like your computer isn't regulating correctly.

Seeing both the 5V and 3V3 line read so high, you might suspect your meter is the problem.
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How much did you pay for the meter?
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