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Help me start use new facts
I want to ASAP strart measure many new facts

I'm lokking for people from  universities or corporations
not official contacts ( design department )

all is able be  very good evaluate by equations but I need made few test for  final confirm  

Main idea how work new tool

What is the reason doppler effect

Source and Earth are  moving in the Universe  
                     (constant V  and Omega )

Source during time  T has many new position !

Important is confirm all 3d directions at one time  
( many similar opposite source  can confirm different Earth Absolute Velocity )

Method 1- Sum  Left + Right = Zero

step A) One source is master
step B ) we can Tuning right  source  and wait for Zero Sum Signal  
( after that read Hz different form Tuner )

Method 2   Read new wave - Sum L+ R  Different  

Two source ( ideal twins )  are sending master  signal
Doppler is reason that Sum :  Left + Right  = new signal.
We can  read new wave - confirm S distance  = efect  L+R signal

Above tool have many new application special for radioamators
I love physics so it will be first model perfect accelerometer  
for many people who work in lab above tool will give new info about mistake ( we can eliminate by simple algoritms + astronomy time )

- f2 or f1 will feel Your finger during pushing mass m
(  F=ma and  F*t=mV it is not all that we need know  )
plese see below picture and YouTube

>>> Inertia http://youtu.be/Ulsvtfrs28Q

Right now  I'm not rich person but I dream build many of new tools

my english is not good by design I love  I'm looking any person that want to make a team
start  new project  all what I'm showing here is my own and easy can be done
from parts that we can buy in shoop.

>>>  http://tesla4.blogspot.com/ ( my patents /ideas )

what mean above for physics >>> http://tesla64.blogspot.com/

explain optical tools mistake algoritms >>> http://tesla32.blogspot.com/

mechanical experiment that explain new inertia problem !!!


Thank You for support by contacts


The premise seems to be that Einstein is wrong and the speed of light is NOT a constant.  That by measuring the color shift between a light source moving 'upstream' against our motion relative to the universe (formerly known as the luminiferous aether) and a light source of the same color pointing the other way ('downstream' along with out motion relative to the universe) one can determine absolute velocity.

Basically, ignore physics from the 1887 Michelson-Morley experiment onward, bring back the 'aether', and you can measure your velocity relative to the universe with a pair of matched light sources.


I'm not sure how he has determined that the last 125 years of physics is completely wrong.
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