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I'm trying to make a NEMA 23 (19kg.cm)(just one motor) move  clockwise and counterclockwise by pushing 2 buttons( when I push the button it will rotate/do a certain amount of steps which i will define later on), and another 3erd button to reset it's position.

I don't need for it to be fast ( 40mm/seg ; the total distance it has to do 80mm), but I do need to have as much torque as possible

This is the hardware I have, but i do not know if it's the correct hardware or if I need something else.

-Arduino UNO
-NEMA 23 ( datasheet https://www.gizmojo.com.ar/system/datasheets/57BYGH633.pdf )
-CNC SHIELD ( I know it's to control 3 xis even though i only need one)
-3 push buttons / analog stick ( like the Play Stations ones).
-Power supply: 12V/5A for the stepper
-Power supply: 12v for the Arduino

I can't figure out how to/where to connect the pins for the analog stick/or push buttons

So far this is the code I have ( which will only make it go CW and CCW automatically)

#define EN        8 

//Direction pin
#define X_DIR     5
#define Y_DIR     6
#define Z_DIR     7

//Step pin
#define X_STP     2
#define Y_STP     3
#define Z_STP     4

int delayTime=30; //Delay between each pause (uS)
int stps=6400;// Steps to move

void step(boolean dir, byte dirPin, byte stepperPin, int steps)


  digitalWrite(dirPin, dir);


  for (int i = 0; i < steps; i++) {

    digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);


    digitalWrite(stepperPin, LOW);




void setup(){

  pinMode(X_DIR, OUTPUT); pinMode(X_STP, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(Y_DIR, OUTPUT); pinMode(Y_STP, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(Z_DIR, OUTPUT); pinMode(Z_STP, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(EN, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(EN, LOW);


void loop(){

  step(false, X_DIR, X_STP, stps); //X, Clockwise
  step(false, Y_DIR, Y_STP, stps); //Y, Clockwise
  step(false, Z_DIR, Z_STP, stps); //Z, Clockwise


  step(true, X_DIR, X_STP, stps); //X, Counterclockwise
  step(true, Y_DIR, Y_STP, stps); //Y, Counterclockwise
  step(true, Z_DIR, Z_STP, stps); //X, Counterclockwise



Could somebody please help me?
Thanks in advance


I don't need for it to be fast ( 40mm/seg ;
A stepper motor rotates. mm is not a unit of measure for angle of rotation.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

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