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I am totally new to this world, but am a software programmer with a strong analog electronics background.

I am attempting to build a control surface for controlling audio recording software.

Here's an example, it's like a audio mixer, but no actual audio passes through it:


It simply controls software in the computer which actually handles the audio.

I coded the software in this video, now I'd like to take this further with more control over hardware.

Here's a nice illustration the motorized fader concept:


Each fader requires 5 pins:

1 analog pin to sense the wiper

2 I/O pins for touch sense

2 PWM pins to drive the motor via an H bridge.

There would also be 2 dual concentric ELMA E37 rotary encoders with push top switches:


That's 10 more pins:

2 per encoder x 4 = 8
1 per switch x 2 = 2

As well I'm thinking of using 2 x 4D uOLED-128-G2 displays (one for channel status and one for metering)

As far as driving the metering display, I'm thinking of loading background images from the 2Gb SD card included on the display board and just doing "delta" meter drawing to save bandwidth.
I believe these guys need 3 pins each - so total 6 pins.

We also need 2 more switches -- 2 more pins

So 23 pins per channel.

I also would like to use Ethernet for communication.

Seems like I need one Due and 4 uOLED-128-G2 for every 2 channels.

Does all of this make any sense at all ?

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