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Would it be possible to have a time estimate of when the new release will be published, in particular with Serial.USB subroutine updates ?
Thank you, Albert



my apologies for the delay, I know that I promised to keep a more tight release schedule.

BTW we are close to the 1.5.2, I'm confident I can release in a short while (a day or two).



@cmaglie: Will this release have fixes for the problems referred to by selfonlypath?

I don't find issues on github for these problems. From the "Arduino Due - Serial speed?" thread I infer two problems:

1. Data loss when sending serial data from a pc to the native usb port.

quoting stimmer:
Using any terminal program that can send a reasonably large file (I used gtkterm), send something to the Due at 115200. When connected to the programming port, it echos back fine. On the native port, only short sections at the beginning and end get echoed.

This is because the core (class _Serial) does not make use of usb's built in handshaking mechanism. See also here:

I may try to work out a solution but if a fix is already on its way, I'll await that of coarse.

2. Upload of sketches much (10x) slower than on mega:




about 1.
I've pushed only a fix that solves an issue when big chunks of data (>64 bytes) are transferred from the board to the PC over USB:


now I'm looking at the other posts you quoted (thank you) but its hard because they are full of "noise", and its very difficult to get to the point.

about 2.
The sketch upload is 10x slower because the sketch are 10x bigger, and the speed is the same for all boards (115200 bps).

Blink on Mega2560: Binary sketch size: 1.662 bytes (of a 258.048 byte maximum) - 0% used
Blink on Due: Binary sketch size: 9.920 bytes (of a 524.288 byte maximum) - 1% used


Hi cmaglie,

Good to have confirmation of 10x factor download difference but why DUE sketch is roughly 10x bigger in size than same code compiled on MEGA ?

Isn't any hope to reduce sketch size in the future because this creates time losses on project development ?



Any news on 1.5.2 IDE? I'm looking out for the option to upload sketches by command line.

Regards and thanks


Oh, on Mac (10.8.2) Arduino 1.5.1 will no more start after the Java-Update:
Code: [Select]
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Menu has no enabled items

Just for Information, I don't need the Due right now and will wait for 1.5.2  8)


TransWarp. On my Mac with OS 10.8.2 with Java Update 13 (build 1.7.0_13-b20) the 1.5.1 IDE is still working. Maybe it's a problem with the settings or the update?


Any news on 1.5.2 IDE? I'm looking out for the option to upload sketches by command line.

I don't want to promise more, because I already promised too much (and didn't keep, sorry about that) but we are very close!


Okay, thank you very much. We wait anxiously for the upgrade

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