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I recently got an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V/8MHz & also I was having a FTDI Break out board
(This one):

Now The Rx-TX lines are of 5volts here unlike the Sparkfun's FTDI board which is having a jumper two logically lower the communication pins.
My Board on the other hand have only a 3.3v VCC line along with a separate 5v VCC, but no jumper to logically lower the communication pins.

I did a mistake:
I connected the 3.3v of the FTDI board to the Arduino Pro mini's VCC.
Rx(5volt logic) of FTDI board - Tx of Arduino Pro mini.
Tx(5volt logic) of FTDI board - Rx of Arduino Pro mini.
Gnd - GND.

And now all my pins of arduino Pro mini shows 3.3v high logic when I disconnected the FTDI board & connected a 3.3v poer supply to the Arduino.

Is it fried? I ordered the Sparkfun's 3.3v FTDI board recently.


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The pins there handled +5v whereas the uC was operating @ +3.3v
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