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I wanted to share with the many users a quick tutorial I created to setup a MODBUS connection between an Arduino and a C-more HMI.


I hope it can be put to good use as a starting point for some of your projects.


Thanks KRAK for the tutorial.

You make mention "...an economical alternative to using a PLC when the data collection is not critical."

Does this mean that you found the library glitchy?


The MODBUS library is not glitchy. I have had very good luck with a stable and reliable connection and communications with this setup.

However, as an industrial controls professional, I would not consider an Arduino to be good a replacement for the PLC in areas where safety or time sensitive control is required. An Arduino does make a great addition to PLCs to collect data from sensors that are not critical to the operation of the system. Or in the case of the project where I required the Arduino to work with a HMI, the operation of the machine was intrinsically safe with built in safe guards. Using a PLC on that project would have been over kill. I was glad to be able to leverage the power and price of the Arduino for the project. :smiley-mr-green:     


Hi All,

if you setup a MODBUS you can try our HMI-Software VisBee.

Actually  we are working on the driver to communicate between ARDUINO and our visualization Software VisBee.
MODBUS (and others) is already running.
It's a fully loaded Visualization system for HMI and SCADA.

You can download the Software without any restrictions at www.visbee.de (english version)

The is a extra version for ARDUINO - Fans ;-)  (VisBee-light)

The ARDUINO-driver will be available during march/april 2013.

If you have further questions let me know.....


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