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Hello everyone,
I am deepshika and I am from India.
I am not a student exactly, but I am learning a few tutorials online.
I think I'll learn a lot from this forum!


Sapan Gupta here from New Delhi. I am an entrepreneur and working as a freelancer along with my wife. We both make a good business partnership. I believe in learning, teaching and assisting.

Currently, playing my hands on affiliate websites and blogging. Soon planning to launch an e-commerce store. However, still looking forward to profitable products.


 I am Shimna Suresh..WordPress developer at Yarddiant, Calicut.


Hi I'm Alex, A Design and Technology Teacher from the UK... thinking of starting up an Arduino club here in Mysore...!


Moderators Kudos for representing India .

Hai , ;)
Sibin here , am from KERALA .
A mechanical engineer who happens to be an electronics enthusiast and a coding freak .
I been a evangelist for Arduino since IDE1.0.1 always loved the community and support .

In league with the community support and Arduino I designed and worked with  - UNO CLONES ,CNC , bots , solar energy , IoT-ESP8266 , aquaponics , Agricultural automation , Battery management systems......

Also a Mechatronics enthusiasts ,Developer , product designer , creative technologist. :)


Tejas Here,  I am from Pune
india is may country

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