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Hi, i am working with a project for a reflux distiller i am using a pid but i want to change to a arduino . I see in the forums some projects and
codes for a brew systems but i need to control the water flow in a reflux tower. I have the experience with the electronic but not in the programing of the arduino. For your reference in the still we need 3 sensors, for mash temp,reflux tower temp and and liquid flow ( for the final alcohol ) log this readings ( mash temp,reflux temp, alcohol flow and time procedure ) and 3 out puts, for the mash we can use a relay for on/off the 220v resistance or a servo for a open/close slow a gas valve. For the reflux tower the we can use a relay for turn on/off a electric valve or use  a servo for turn open/close slow a water vale. The liquid flow its a monitor log only. The mash temp and reflux tower need a set point. Any help appreciated. Thanks a lot for your answer.

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