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my situation:

i'm enrolled in a logic circuit class, our final project requires us to build a ciruit more advanced than just using 74LS08,00,32 basic gates and 74LS151 multiplexers.

so i decided to use microcontrollers, but i know it's not that easy but luckily arduino exists

need help on what project to build with my duemilanove so my professor could deem me worthy of passing his class. i'm thinking if a choose a difficult project it could drown me, and if a choose an easy one my professor would say, "that to easy son, even a fifth grader can do that"

need your advise badly


Hi, Interesting question...

What level of complexity have you designed so far using 74xx type chips?

One idea:
- Design an interesting nontrivial logic device using your existing chips and abilities
- Use the Arduino to provide the test vectors to the logic circuit inputs
- Use the arduino to test the expected outputs and verify your design
- extra credit for more complex sequential logic with internal states

Or maybe:
- Design two logic circuits to create a data link that transmits and receives a byte or bytes of data over 1 wire, based on some simple protocol
- Use the Arduino to drive and check test patterns transmitted over the data link

Or maybe:
- Find some interesting device such as an accelerometer that requires some complexity of interface
- Design the logic to greatly simplify the interface
- test it with Arduino.

Anybody else?  Crossroads? Grumpy? Are the Nerds awake?
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thank you for your suggestions.

so far our group have built a linear feedback shift register and a circuit that counts how many bit combination it produced.

yes i'm also planning using my existing IC's.

i have these 74xx ICs
160 - counters,
47 - decoders
138 - demux
76 - flip-flops
173 - 4bit shift register
and all the basic gates

and these...

555 timer
741 op-amps
seven-segment displays

i'm considering incorporating some of these components in our final project. though it's still ok if they dont have a place in the new project


I'm failing to understand the definition.

What does "more complex than logic gates" mean?  You aren't allowed to use them or you need to do something more than a simple and-gate circuit?

For my digital logic class, we built frequency counters using basic logic chips.

I'm not sure I see how using a microcontroller In a circuit versus some standard logic gates really differs in complexity.
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we're allowed to use any of them

I just want to earn extra merits using microcontrollers

I want to put my existing ICs and a microcontroller together, without the microcontroller looking unnecessary --  if there's such a project

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