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Hi to you all !

I am working on a project in which I would like to create an Arduino based system with wireless control.

The idea is to create kind of a fun office accessory : an alarm system, that is trigered using any android Phone, with an app.

The device will have simple functiuns, and I wonder if I can prototype it on Arduino :
- activate the alarm with the phone (orange leds and rotation motor)
- display any message thru a speaker integrated in the device
- shut it down

The idea is pretty simple, but I can't seem to find the right hardware to do it. Here are the expected basic specs :
- 9v powered
- bluetooth communication with the phone
- amplified so that the sound is displayed in an entire room
- sounds need to be stored on the phone and streamed to the device (my ideal would be to be able to live talk thru the speaker while talking to the phone)

From the different projects that I have seen, an Arduino Uno seems good, plus battery carrier, plus bluetooth (but which one?)...

I have not found yet another configuration where the sound is porduced from a real speaker and comes from a phone thru bluetooth.

The final object would be used in offices, classrooms, toilets, public places, homes, to play harmless alarm pranks.

Do you think it is possible with arduino base and different layers ? If so, would you be kind enough to mention which hardware you would use ?

I really appreciate your help and I am grateful for your time.

I am not a electronic specialist, but I am a strong seo consultant. So if you want to trade expertise, let me know. Let's make it open source !




How do you plan on creating your Android app? As far as Bluetooth, alot of people use this module JY-MCU. You can get it from eBay or http://dx.com/p/bluetooth-board-module-4-pin-121326


Hi allenl,
Thanks for your answer.
I will developp the app with the help of a friend.
Does this bluetooth module support music streaming?

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