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The excel file for the parts should download just fine. After you download it you can upload it to lcsc and order the parts, currently two parts are out of stock but they're pretty common parts so I guess if you order them anyway they'll just send it once they get them back in stock.

The flash adapter pcb let's you program 29F032 and similar flashroms. The PSOP44 to DIP44 adapter is needed for 29L3211 flash roms. If you don't know what those are then you don't need it. It has nothing to do with backing up games.

The N64 slot is where you put the N64 cartridge in. The N64 controller plug is where you put the N64 controller in so you can read Controller Paks or test the controllers analog stick and buttons.

Yes you can just leave out whatever slot you don't need. You can even leave out the buttons and the oled screen if you're okay with using your PC for input/output over the Arduino serial monitor.


You can even leave out the buttons and the oled screen if you're okay with using your PC for input/output over the Arduino serial monitor.
Uh, would leaving out the buttons and the led screen (presuming that's what you meant) not be optional (or for that matter, a good idea) if the clock generator is included as part of the cart reader setup?


Sanni, thanks a lot for Your perfect job. I already ordered the parts for CartReader and waiting impatiently. I know that I'm not the first one who's asking this question: "When PCB will be available for order as a PCB or layout?" Could You estimate or give us a hope:))) I know that You are testing it now...but any promise would be great.

Thanks again.


I wish I was already in the final testing phase but I am still waiting on the Arduinos to arrive. :(
They should come any day now.


I wish to send You my Mega Arduino but it will take more time:( So will be waiting on Your updates.
Also the question is - will it be possible to order PCB from You because that will support You also, I guess.


I ordered more than one.  :D
Basically I know that the design works since I already build one reader but now I need to test if it works every time so I'm gonna build four more readers and test them over a longer period.
So the release is still longer than days away, hopefully just weeks, worst case scenario months but not years.  :smiley-small:
After four years in development it is time for a V1.0 release and all that is missing for that right now is a video about the build/soldering process and the finished and tested pcb.  8)


This is huge amount of work and You gathering all the little masterpieces in one now. For sure we will be waiting until You do all the final machining and polishing before the final release.

Months it's OK. I recently left emulator way of life and went to white side of force:) - real hardware. Ordered NESRGB, OSSC, RGB cables and SF RAM cart and GB cart, so that's why I need Your masterpiece.

So if You need any help from my side just let me know.



I can write them just fine but there is one setting called "margin mode" that ensures that they are written properly for like long term and I haven't integrated that yet since it needs 12V on pin 9. I have however designed a new flash adapter pcb with that in mind but I have not ordered it. It's on low priority right now.

The Arduino Megas I ordered came yesterday too, so as soon as I have the time I'll build some cart readers and test for reliability, hopefully I can also make a video about the build process and upload it to youtube.


Sounds great so far. Thanks for the update.

One more thing, For some MX29L3211, I have to read, erase then blank check before I can actually write. I got 10pcs here and only 1 would erase, blank check and be empty before I can write. The other 9, I have to read them first. Otherwise, they would fail the blank check.

Edit: Added the 47uf capacitor and the issue is now fixed! I have now added 47uf capacitors on all my boards.


Just finished testing, both hardware and software worked as expected.  :)

Now I only need to make a short video about the soldering process, maybe some videos about the Cart Reader in action, make a digikey shopping cart for the parts as an alternative to the Chinese parts vendor.

Should only be a few days/weeks until this is done now.



Would it be possible to get these as a kit? I can source most of the parts myself, but that PCB is relatively large, I'm going to have to pay, like, $30 for a set of boards (since I can't just buy one).


On the tsop to dip adapter board for the 29f033. I bridged all the pads to program the 29f033, but when installing do i remove all bridges, some or leave it as is?

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