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Hello, I want to control a LED, set it to either HIGH or LOW, by sending values through the serial monitor.

Here is one example of something similar, but I dont know what the Arduino code he uses looks like:

I tried with this code, but it does not work:

Code: [Select]

const int ledPin     = 9;
const int ledPin2   = 10;

void setup(){


void loop () {

     if (Serial.available()>0) {
      //int d = 0;
      int d= Serial.read();
            if ( d == 10 )
              digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);         
              digitalWrite(ledPin2, HIGH);
            else if ( d == 20 )
              digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);
              digitalWrite(ledPin2, LOW);

I simply plugg the Arduino into my computer, open the serial monitor and put "1" into the send text field and send it. RX LED on the Arduino flashes when I do this, but the LED does not go on. Anybody know what im doing wrong here?


The serial monitor sends code in ASCII, so when you type 1 it actually sends a value of 49.
Look at the example in the arduino IDE for this under serial communication.

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