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Hi, everyone.

I'm actually working on an experimental project.

Basically what I'm trying to do some simple communication from an arduino via IR to multiple small devices.

The problem I have is that since the receiving side will be embedded into something really small, I need the emitter to have a range of approximately 80'  in all directions.

I've saw online that if I boosted the power of the IR light I could get a better range, but I dunno how far they are actually talking about.

I was hoping if there was some type of booster or extender I could just buy and plug in external power and give it a signal, however the ones I found were just extenders for the receiving side, not the emitter itself.

Is it possible to boost the emitter enough to reach this distance ? Or maybe I should just use bluetooth to transmit signals to controllers around the place, then emit IR signals from different locations to cover the entire place ? Or is there actually something i could purchase that works?

Any advice, comments are welcome.


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