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I am trying to conver the rotational motion of servomotor into linear motion using simple gear and mesh system. But, since the motor rotates only from 0-180 degree, the range of the linear motion is only 0-5cm after that the motor starts to rotate in the opposite direction and the linear motion also starts in the opposite direction.
Can anyone please suggest some simple mechanism to increase the range of the linear motion?
I have attached the setup picture if it helps......


I have attached the setup picture if it helps....

You haven't.
You could use a larger diameter crank.
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If your servo can rotate 180 degrees then you need a servo arm / crank with a length at least half your required total travel and orient it so that at the limits of rotation the servo arm is pointing directly towards and away from the direction of your linear travel.

Note that the longer the servo arm, the less force it will be able to apply.


Consider converting the servo to continuous rotation.  Plenty of tutorials on the Web.
You would need to implement some form of limit switches which may or may not be convenient.
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