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thanks for the reply heres what I got

How are the devices powered and interconnected?
arduino duemilanove pin 1 is going to the rx ground going to the arduinos ground and VDD going to the arduinos 5 volts

Is the LCD module soldered to the serial backpack or does it plug in.  Sparkfun is not clear about this.

Soldered in

I see another LCD module in the background - is that available for use?
that is a parallel

Could you be a bit more specific about the sequence of events.  What happened first?  How long until things changed?  Any explosions, mushroom clouds, terrible smells, heat etc.?

no mushroom clouds, smells or explosions I had it working fine out of the box experimented with different codes and it just went to that one time when powered up

Did you ever get the splash screen?


Ron C

Try sending the control-r within a second after powering up the LCD


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As I said in reply #14 you have the classic symptoms of an LCD display that has not been properly initialized.  While I was waiting for your reply to that post I went to the Sparkfun website and downloaded the source code for the serial backpack.  It appears to me that the initialization code in that software has a 'Function Set' instruction missing which could well be the source of your problem.  Many of these LCD devices are quite tolerant to deviations from the recommended initialization sequence but it is possible that the one you have is not.

You could try disconnecting the pin1 -- rx connection and cycling the power few times to see if you can get the LCD to initialize.  I would try this two different ways, by cycling the power to the Arduino (which feeds the LCD) and by leaving the Arduino power on, and by disconnecting and reconnecting the VDD -- 5v connection.

The fact that you were experimenting with different codes is probably irrelevant.  You could have inadvertently changed the baud rate but that would only affect your ability to control the device after it has been properly initialized and has displayed the splash screen.



thanks for the tip, I have been real busy so I just got time to work on it today. I tried cycling the power several ways by pulling the arduino power, pulling the ground, and pulling the 5 volts to no avail

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