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Hello All,
I am a software developer and new to arduino and want to buy one damn original arduino uno r3. But due to all the copies being sold around I am not being able to decide where to buy it from. All the threads I checked are either too old and sm sites doesnt evn exist anymore. Sites like robokits.co.in have became fraud overtime selling fake copies(As read in a few reviews).
Rhydolabs, supposed to be one of the biggest name in arduino and electronics, said when I called them up that theres nothing in arduino box except the board, no documentation nothing contradictory to what i have seen on the net where its seen that arduino board comes along wid a documentation and some stickers. I wonder evn if they are selling the original arduino.
I live in NCR region. So I dont mind buying it from a proper shop or online. But the only thing i want is that it should be original italian made arduino.

Please somebody help me. I wanna buy it ASAP.
Thank u.


None of the places at the Main Site:Buy: India were able to help you out?
Genuine boards do come in a box with a little bit of paper and a sticker sheet, not really documentation in the purest sense, that's all online.
Have you tried the Store link above as well?
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Rahul, you may buy the original Arduino Uno - Rev 3 from PotentialLabs from this link: http://potentiallabs.com/cart/arduino-uno.

And yes, this does come with the stickers and a small note by the Arduino team.


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You can try checking out www.simplelabs.co.in. These guys import a lot of products from SparkFun, Arduino and iTead Studio so I think you will be able to get what you want.
The various flavors of Arduino are listed at http://www.simplelabs.co.in/catalog/arduino-boards.

Hope this helps :)


You may get the original genuine 'Made in Italy'  Arduino products at SUMEET ESHOP http://shop.sumeetinstruments.com/.
This store is the official authorized Arduino Distributors.

Including these you will also find several sensors, motors, and other single board computer to work with your Arduino project.


WHere in the NCR?

I'm in the NCR region, can get you a R2 ASAP
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Following are the Authorized distributors of arduino in INDIA :

Simple Labs , http://www.simplelabs.co.in/
rhydoLABZ ,http://www.rhydolabz.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=123
PearlLabs , http://www.explorelabs.com/
Tenet Technetronics ,http://tenettech.com/productag/44/arduino
Explore Labs , http://www.explorelabs.com/
SUMEET Instruments ,http://shop.sumeetinstruments.com/
Protocentral , http://www.protocentral.com/
Ardour Labs , http://ardourlabs.in/
Fab.to.Lab ,http://www.fabtolab.com/
Bit.gen.in , http://bit.gen.in/
MG Super LABS Technologies , http://www.mgsuperlabs.co.in/estore/
GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS , https://www.gurmeetweb.com/
Tanna Educationaò http://www.tannaeducation.com/products/

Do not buy an ARDUINO other than these distributors.


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Hi All,

I am a complete beginner in Embedded programming so i wanted to start up with Arduino. After a complete search for a good starter kit i bumped into this great kit here : <URL removed by moderator>.

With the kind of variety the kit has i was too tempted to buy this kit! And i did and got it delivered in less than 24 hours in NCR. And yes the Arduino in this kit is genuine made in Italy board and is in box with stickers and some documents.

I would highly recommend buying from here, they also seem to carry a lot of products from Sparkfun, Adafruit, Seeed studio and Pololu(i wanted a line follower and found them carrying 3Pi)  

Cheers! :)


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Hi isneha,

Isn't it remarkable that the company you recommend has exactly the same address as the company your email address is registered at has?

I think not.

"bumped into" my ass.


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There is also http://daflabs.com who are authorised distributors based out of Mumbai, who you can buy it from.

P.S. I help run it


Any ideas about an original distributor in Kolkata, West Bengal, India?


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To support this community arduino.cc for the fantastic forum instead of the spin-off arduino.org, I ordered on 2/1/2015 directly through the online store a Genuino UNO board.

Costs involved :     
                            20 Euro - Genuino UNO board
                            15 Euro - Fedex shipping to India
                            12 Euro - additional local Fedex charges + Customs duty
              Total = 47 Euro -  or approx INR Rs: 3500/- whoa! & ouch!!!

Item reached India on 5/1/2015 from Hungary (I believe its not anymore from Italy). Cleared customs on 14/1/2015 & FEDEX delivered to my office in Bangalore city on 22/1/2015.

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We usually buy original boards from ProtoCentral - They are also authorized resellers of SparkFun and AdaFruit in India.


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