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1 - During the initial setup (first time out of the box) I've configured my Yun to the Wireless named: WiFiUno
2 - After playing for a while (downloading sketched both through WiFi and wire) and everything working fine I decided to:
3 - Reset the Yun and configured it to the Wireless named: WiFiDue
4 - Now, it doesn't matter to which WiFi my  computer is connected I can still see (and wireless connect ) to my Yun through the IDE

Is this correct?



I'm not sure to understand the scenario...
Are the two wireless network available at the same time?


To leonzio's question I also add: can you upload wifistatus example and see if it's indeed connected to wifidue?


Leonzio & Federico, please see attached file to answer your questions and better explain what I find strange.

Hope it helps to clarify and understand...



Simon- Now I understand the scenario.
I think the issue is related to the "latency" at which the IDE reacts to changes in the wifi stack.
In this case it seems like the IDE is still reporting the Yun to be accessible via wifi through the other network, but this should not be actually true.
When this happens just try to run any of the "Console" samples. If my assumption is correct you should not be able to get data out of the "IP" Console.


Leonzio, you were correct...after a while the Yun is doesn't even appear on the Port menu when I switch networks.




simon, can you say how long did it take the IDE to react and remove the yun from the list?

Every time you open the tools menu, for every previously "network connected" board, the IDE runs a ping (a basic program for checking if a remote IP address is reachable).

I have only two possible explanations:
1) you changed the network and immediately clicked on the tools menu. windows took a bit to react, enough for the ping run by the IDE to be successful and therefore the yun kept been listed
2) it occurs you have something that is not a yun but that has IP on network wind2surf, making the ping successful and fooling the IDE

What do you think?


Federico, to be honest with you I'm really confused because now I can't reproduce it any more...the Yun is removed from the list immediately after I switch the networks. (your Point #1)

The other thing you should know is that at the time the issue happened I had another Yun powered on (your Point #2, but it is true also now...)

If it happens again I will try to document it better.

Anyway many thanks for your support


Ok thank you in advance. This looks like a network related issue, as the timing has to be right to spot the bug, making it hard to reproduce

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