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I guess this is a very basic question but I wasn't able to figure it out myself.

When using the Yun wired to the internet through the Ethernet port is the "standard" Ethernet library to be used?

Or is there some way to use all the Bridge functionality? How?



No, it isn't. The Ethernet port is connected to the SoC so you need to go through the Bridge to use it.
This does not give you full freedom on using the TCP/IP stack like with the Ethernet shield, but the plus is that it's very easy to use it.
See the examples in the Bridge folder (e.g. HttpClient)



that's not true, there are the YunClient and YunServer classes that works as a replacement of EthernetClient and EthernetServer.
Look at the TemperatureWebPanel for an example.

However only TCP communication is currently suppoted. The UDP features of Ethernet will be implemented on coming releases.



@cmaglie, if I'm getting it right (and at the same time answering my original question) it means that in order to have the HTTPclient example, working through a wired connection I will need to add the Yunclient calss and to the corresponding modifications to the program? (of course I could try it myself but your answer will be very much appreciated)...



Hi simon,

with the Yun there is no difference using wired ethernet connection or wifi, whatever you use, the same sketch works with both (it uses the one that is currently active and configured).

My previous answer is about the Ethernet library used in Ethernet Shield: sketches that was written originally for the Ehternet Shield should be "portable" to the Yun by replacing EthernetClient/EthernetServer with YunClient/YunServer.

Sorry if my previous response created some confusion.



@cmaglie, now I got it, so I have to decide beforehand which connection I want to use (and properly configure the Yun accordingly) and then run the sketch.

Many thanks for the clarification.



@cmaglie- Well... my answer was incomplete not incorrect.
I intended to say that you can't use the standard Ethernet libraries (although the Yun Client/Server map its TCP functions) so a sketch using Ethernet libraries won't work without changes.

And the lack of UDP is very relevant and it's the reason why I mentioned that the full TCP/IP stack was not available.
I hope this will change soon.


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