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Hi everyone

I'm trying to start an USB comunication with a voc USB sensor (voltcraft co 20) and i need to compile libusb 0.1 for linino.

Anyone can explain me or give me a reference of how compile software for linino??



AFAIK libusb is already installed on the Yun. There is no need to compile it yourself.

Check with
Code: [Select]

root@Arduino:~# opkg list

There should be 2 packages in the list that gets printed
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libusb-1.0 - 1.0.9-1
libusb-compat - 0.1.4-1


I also have custom software written in C that I'd like to include in my YUN..

Been there for awhile now for OpenWRT community, so I do know how to create packages when building new firmware, but I've always though that it's a great system if you have something that is ready.. It takes gigabytes of your harddrive and hours until firmware image is ready and package compilation begin, before all this, support systems, like toolchain is being built..

Yes, that's the official way.. But was just thinking if development on Yun would had been made simpler.. There once was a full gcc package available for openwrt as well, but no more- as they want to avoid native compiling for good reasons, but when making small changes, something similar would really speed up things while developing, after all, we don't all run linux here..


We haven't touched the openwrt build system, so the official way it's our way too.
You could always build a single package (it's make package/YOUR_PACKAGE/compile IIRC), but you still need to build whole its dependency tree

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