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thank you all
1- for my collage i was saying (our collage) but i was wrong printing it
my collage ia called ( al-fateh)

Is this it?:


You don't mention your country; the above college appears to be in Libya...? The ones I was looking at yesterday under "pur college" all seemed to be located in parts of India (rural or poor - maybe both, given the condition of the buildings I could see online)...

What does the word "pur" mean, anyhow (in english, if you know)?

Anyhow - if it is the above college, it does seem to have the equipment, if not the training for the teachers; even so, at most places of higher learning the instructors aren't there to hold you hand every step of the way. Rather, they are there to provide guidance to help you help yourself find answers to questions. Learning how to learn, so to speak, so that you can effectively do research and continue your education long after you graduate and move into your career.

Now, if your instructors are not doing even that much - then you have a tough road ahead; fortunately, you have at your hands something I only wished that I had access to (especially when I was in high school!) - the Internet. Use its resources, which are vast, along with any and every other source of information you can find. Don't neglect to network with people, even those who may at first not appear to have knowledge (you would be surprised at what you can learn from your elders, as well as from street people - if you approach them with the right questions!)...

Good luck with your project!

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I'm pretty sure the "pur collage" was just misspelled "our college". Given the proximity of the letters "p" and "o" on your standard qwerty keyboards. Purely speculation, though.  



'm pretty sure the "pur collage" was just misspelled "our college". Given the proximity of the letters "p" and "o" on your standard qwerty keyboards

exactly....thats what i was saying

and thank you all again....everything started to get close to my knowladge.


i thought about isolating the camera from the uC and cr0sh


Newlines can change the meaning of things.


my last update:
1- i will separate the camera and i will receive its data independently sense i found out that video streaming is programmable with c# and i will have to do id  
2- i am still searching about the control part.
3- i will use arduino board to receive the control and move the wheels


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