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Hi fellas!

I would like to know how to send an string to my Arduino, and get a response from it. I will explain myself better. My Arduino is connected to a DVR , which sends an unknown response when reads "query"; then ,my idea is send from my Arduino transmission pin the word "query" and read from the reception pin what the DVR had said.

What happens? Each time I am trying to do this, I have problems reading the serial port (I am using the serial monitor), or I receive just a " ΓΏ ". In addition to this, I am only able to make a char variable, in other cases, I got the error " invalid conversion from 'int' to 'const char".

Anyone knows how to help me? I am a very brand new at Arduino's   :smiley-red:


I found it!! I have attached you the link, just in case anyone has also this problem.  ;)


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