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I am getting a compilation error for Arduino Due as in attached image.
Display message:
" exec: "/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++": file does not exist"

Need your help sorting this out.




What version of the IDE are you using?

If it's a new one try adding the toolchain :

Board Manager
Arduino Sam boards M3

Of it's already installed, uninstall and reinstall it. This should clear that issue for you.
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I have Arduino 1.6.8 which is the latest version available.
I tried uninstalling and then installing, but it did not work. I am doing offline updates as my company server does not allow online updates.


Above is the update link. I am not able to install the package directly. What is the indirect way of doing it?





Hint - for better responses, edit the title of the thread (first post topic) so that it makes your issue clear, something like "How to install SAM board package offline" or something.
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What is the indirect way of doing it?
The easiest way is to do the Boards Manager installation on another computer where you can do an online install that uses the same operating system as your work computer. Then copy the Arduino SAM Boards package from that computer. Are you able to do this? I can provide instructions on how to proceed.

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