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Hello again.
i was wondering if there is another way of determining what rating a mosfet has if the numbers have been rubbed off? The brand name is the one that remains. These fets are on an rc car speed controller and the controller has a rating of 300A (false ofcourse)
the only thing that remained was the brand which is called Nec after hours of searching i only found a pdf with heaps of possibilities but no possible one:

here it is the motor controller

here are some photos of the fets.


Oh and one more thing. thy are re-branded in australia as 30Amp esc's


Someone might recognise the layout of the markings - there's some detail still visible but not
much.   The only other recourse is etch off the epoxy with conc. nitric acid and read
any partnumbers on the metalization of the chip itself (not a serious suggestion).

Its possible to measure on resistance if you have a constant current supply and a multimeter,
but breakdown voltages not so simple.  A capacitance meter could measure the gate-source
and gate-drain capacitances perhaps?

If you are looking to replace this device you are probably better off looking at the circuit
it came from to determine max voltage, gate drive voltage, and estimate the max thermal
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You can find on the pdf data sheet for TO-220 and look at the specs for the high A and low resistance MOSFETs that are available.
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