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I wish to know if I could build (read: get someone else to build for me..I have zero experience with electronics...) something that would do all that this would, and hopefully more -> http://www.allen-heath.com/ahproducts/xonek2/

I have a K2 but wish to sell it because I no longer need the soundcard functionality and it's a bit of a bulky unit otherwise.

I need something that can control 4 channels. For every channel it needs ONE fader, at absolute least 3 knobs (preferably 6 or more), and a minimum of 4 buttons (preferably 6 or more...and these need LED's in them that light when the buttons are activated).

Thanks for the advice.


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Do you want to be able to configure all the sliders and buttons to send a specific (extended) MIDI message or have some way to program that into the unit. and have it held there in EEPROM until re-programmed.

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