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For christmas I got an Arduino Uno, radioshack video shield, and a motor shield. I am going to try to make a simple robot that can stream live video. From what i have read on the forums, this is basically impossible with just an arduino. However, according to the radioshack video shield's user guide, use a composite video cable to hook the camera up to a tv. With that said, would it be possible for me to use a wireless composite video cable to hook the camera up to the tv? Also, i was wondering if the same could be done with using a wifi shield to stream the video.
Thanks, Bowen
PS i am completely open to buying new parts... the parts that i got were only to start me off.


You can stream video but you will have to buy new parts and you will need a camera. The Arduino will have nothing to do with it . By a camera and a transmitter.

Use the Arduino for the robot... not for the video transmission. Also, what video shield did you get?


Thx for the response. That seems to be the answer i have seen elsewhere on the internet. The camera i bought is found on this link: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=16513056 . It does say on the package that it can be used with the wifi shield.


Allright, i just set the camera up using an old a/v cord i found and broke open. When i used it it streamed video from the camera straight to the tv. can i do the same with some kind of wifi shield to send or receive the video to display on the tv?


I have never streamed video over wifi. I can't be much help with that, but if you have any questions outside of the wifi streaming in regards to your robot I would be happy to try and help you.


You can use a smartphone for streaming - you just have to dowload an app that turns it into an IP cam. Search for IP cam on Play store - it's free IIRC

Alternatively you can get one of those cheapo wifi routers like MR3020 or TL-WR702N (might be the same model actually but the company sometimes uses different model names for different markets), flash it with openWRT and add some drivers and do some configuring to get them to stream video. There are literally tons of tutorials on doing this on the internet so just use google and you'll find what you need

Ohh you might as well just use hardware used for FPV in RC models, but that's a bit pricier.

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