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You could try an experiment with a diode (which only allows current to flow thru it in one direction). Put the diode in series with the power supply with the meter set to DCV 20v. Try the diode in two different directions. If you get a voltage reading in one diode direction and 0v in the other direction, the power supply maybe DC. If the voltage readings are the same with the diode in either direction, the power supply may be AC.
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Thanks a Lot @Zoomkat and @UnoDueTre you guys are genius. You both helped me a lot.
this issue is solved. I used my Desktop and the circuit is running fine. My Laptop was supplying low voltage I guess.

I am having another issue, My Arduino hangs when I connect it with 220V supply. This question is not appropriate for this category. So here is its link.

Could you please help in this too.

Thanks a Lot!

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