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I am new to this forum and with using arduino yun. My project is to monitor the availability of the professors in the faculty room. The system should know if the professors are inside or outside the room. one rfid reader will be placed inside the room and the other one outside. if the rfid reader inside detects the tag of professor it means he/she is inside and outside if the other reader detects it
I am trying to interface the two uhf rfid using rs232 to ttl converter with arduino yun but when i upload it there is no response on the serial monitor. can someone help me please.

I am using two RFID like this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/1476374778/long_range_passive_rfid_reader.html
and this is the converter: http://www.e-gizmo.com/KIT/images/rs232tottlconverter/Serial%20to%20TTL%20Hardware%20Manual%20rev%201r0.pdf
Code: [Select]

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <Console.h>

SoftwareSerial FIRSTRFID(8, 9); // RX and TX of RFID 1
SoftwareSerial SECONDRFID(10, 11); // RX and TX of RFID 2
int first; // value of the tag detected on RFID 1
int second; // value of the tag detected on RFID 2
int a = 0; // a - availability of the professor inside the faculty room
          // a = 1 if the professor is inside the room and
          // a = 0 if the proffesor is outside the room
          // default value of a = 0;
int emlock = 6; // activates the electromagnetic lock

void setup()
 //--------------- SETUP FOR WIFI CONNECTION--------------//
 Bridge.begin();  // start the connection
 Console.begin();  // start the console
 while (!Console){
   ; // wait for Console port to connect.
 Console.println("You're connected to the Console!!!!");
 //--------------- SETUP FOR RFID READERS ----------------//
 FIRSTRFID.begin(9600);    // start serial to RFID 1 reader
 SECONDRFID.begin(9600);    // start serial to RFID 2 reader
 Serial.begin(9600);  // start serial to PC
 Console.println("You're RFID Readers are ready!!!!");
 //----------------- SETUP FOR EM LOCK -------------------//
 pinMode(emlock, OUTPUT);
void loop()
   if (FIRSTRFID.available() > 0)
    first = FIRSTRFID.read();
    Console.print(first, HEX);
    Console.print(" ");
    a = 1;
    digitalWrite(emlock, LOW);
   if (SECONDRFID.available() > 0)
    second = SECONDRFID.read();
    Console.print(second, HEX);
    Console.print(" ");
    a = 0;
    digitalWrite(emlock, LOW);
   digitalWrite(emlock, HIGH);



Can you help me to get rs232 port uhf reader data to arduino.

I want to know about connectivity between  RS232 port uhf  reader with arduino

and sketch to get data on serial monitor

Please help me

Thanks and Regards


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