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Just got the OSEPP 201 (kit) and I'm excited.
I've done about 5 of the 15 tutorials, successfully. However, a few times when i hook the OSEPP  Uno R3 Plus board up to my MacBook Air (purchased 2013), the mac restarts; but then it seems to work fine. The mac is robust all other times, no problems.  Any reasons for that?

I've done these, and there real easy:
page 17 reading temperature
pg 23 light
pg 29 light switch
pg 35 led serial switch


I tried to get involved with the osepp forums, but they haven't approved joining them in the last 3 days.
Then I noticed that no one has put up a new post in a few months. I guess they're not supporting forums.

Next up: osepp 201 motors tutorials...


For an hour or two, I did the servo and stepper motor tutorials, and the LCD tutorial, all completed successfully the first time.
I did what was important to me and it looks like those things worked out of the box.
Overall i'm pleased with this OSEPP 201 kit with its' quickness, conciseness, wide ranging experiences, and quality of the board and the devices i tested.


Do the exercises in the order they are presented in that book of yours, they're not at random in there.

If your computer crashes/restarts after connecting an Arduino-like product, there must be something wrong.
I'd refrain from advertising a great product before i'd be sure it really is OK.
You can find out the board doesn't pull too much power from the USB (and so causing problems) by connecting it through a powered USB hub.

It's not that hard to get things to work by doing exactly what's been instructed.
Once you've got something to work, test yourself to see you're understanding what's going on.
You can do that by altering the sketch and see it does what you expected (and find out why not if it doesn't).
Thats where the real learning kicks in.
And it's fun to do that too (to me anyway).
You can also use other parts you've learned earlier and combine that.
These would be the parts you wanted to skip, because they might have seemed to be not that tempting to you.

Have a look at "blink without delay".
Did you connect the grounds ?
Je kunt hier ook in het Nederlands terecht: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html


how can I download the ZIp file osepp_201k ????


You are asking your question in a three year old Thread.

What is OSEPP?

And have you a link to the location of the file you are referring to?

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


In case anyone still runs across this question, here's the link from the OSEPP website.

More importantly, once the zip file is downloaded, the beginner will have problems using the contents of the zip file if they are using the original, outdated documentation that still comes with the kit (bought in a hobby store).  The following from an Amazon.com review will help. I just used it and got through my issues with the following assistance:

"October 11, 2016
Beginners will be frustrated with outdated documentation and downloads
I was super excited to try this out. But be warned that Arduino, like many technologies today advances pretty quickly. The printed documentation gets outdated quickly, and more importantly, the manufacturer, Osepp, hasn't updated their code libraries to the latest specifications. Someone who isn't tech savvy or willing to spend a few hours troubleshooting is going to be extremely frustrated, especially given the price and the promise of a well-packaged, beginner - friendly experience. Unfortunately, Osepp, doesn't even keep this updated on their own site. As of this writing, here are some tips:

1. Arduino is on version 1.6.12. The tutorials that Osepp asks you to download are outdated (Osepp_201K.zip) and won't automatically import.

2. Page 15: To import zip libraries, go to Sketch / Include Library / Add .Zip Library. This will only work for newer tutorials. The ones in this book are old and WON'T work. This is just an FYI.

3. To work around the problem above, download the ZIP file per instructions. Unzip them. Cut the new unzipped folder, "osepp_201k", it should have all the examples in it. Browse to your "My Documents/Arduino" folder. Then paste the osepp-201k folder here. It should be in the same folder as the "libraries" folder, but not in the libraries folder.

4. Once in the Arduino application, you'll see the tutorials under File... Sketchbook... osepp_201k.

Once you get past this, it's a little easier to use."

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