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Hello, I have the following requirements. I have posted this project on freelancer but also wanted to reach out to the arduino community directly to see if anyone would be interested in taking on this project. Im not sure on the time or cost for labor, so please feel free to email me directly diat150 @ yahoo . com

Project Description:
What I would like to do is build a vibration sensing unit using an arduino (or similar) and a ADXL345 3 axis accelerometer. I will be placing this unit on a piece of machinery to measure when the machine stops vibrating. This is the steps that I would like to use to and the additional features that I would like:

1. a digital(on/off) output to signal that the unit is below the vibration threshhold( on when below vibration threshold, off when unit is vibrating and vibration is above threshold). This will be used to hand off the vibration status to a separate piece of equipment.

2. an led signaling when the unit is below the vibration threshold(on when below threshold, off when above)

3. a potentiometer that will let me adjust the vibration threshold. One machine may have more vibration than the next machine, so I need to be able to easily adjust the vibration threshold via the potentiometer.


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Where are you located?  What type of machinery?  What type of environment?  How will you mount the sensor/Board to the machine?  How strong is the vibration?

The project is relatively simple electronically, however, depending on the environment, it could become much more complex due to noise or protection issues.  

Also what is the time frame?


The measurement of vibration becomes even more susceptible to erros using the accelerometers since they are very highly sensitive to even minute changes as they respond to the gravity actually, so they keep on floating in values because they have a high resolution more than your hand movements  :P
But it is doable!
Perhaps use a piezoelectric transducer!
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