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Hi, I'm not sure this is the right sub-forum, but here we go...

Freicoin is a p2p currency (forked from bitcoin) that features the demurrage first proposed by Silvio Gesell. Another important difference is that unlike bitcoin, no all the initial monetary base is issued by miners: 80% of the initial monetary base will be given out to charity and global commons projects through several distribution mechanisms managed by the freicoin foundation (almost ready to be established).

That's where this arduino community comes in. We would like the give grants to arduino projects whose designs are open (hardware and software) as we consider that part of the global commons and therefore a legitimate way to issue the currency.

EDIT: Some text suppressed for being outdated, more info in the second post.


Someone contacted me about this post I had forgotten and I realised I need to give an update.
Since I wrote this message we have developed a website in which any nonprofit organization can receive Freicoin donations and the Freicoin Foundation will match those donations with 10% additional FRC (that percentage may rise in the future).
You don't necessarily need to register as a nonprofit organization if the project is aligned with the Freicoin Foundation mission statement:

"The Freicoin Foundation seeks to create a world where commonplace non-usurious complementary currencies inspired by the works of Silvio Gesell are brought into being through economic development, charitable action, and the support of global commons and which engender perpetual prosperity through sustainable development."

Open hardware projects are included in the "global commons", so it would be great to have many arduino-related projects being crowdfunded with a p2p currency at this website:


It would be good that you had a web page so that we (and potential donors) can validate the project.
You also need to register. When logged in at that list page, an "add organization" button will appear and redirect you to a form to be filled.

One of the fields is a freicoin address where the coins will be sent to.
To generate Freicoin addresses you need to install freicoin-qt:


Feel free to ask any doubt you have.
You may prefer to use the freicoin forums or freenode to do so:


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