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NOTE: This question is about the TFT LCD screen that goes with the Esprola. I know it's not the right subforum but I figured most people owning an Esprola probably own the same screen so they would be most likely to know. If I'm way out of line for posting here, don't hesitate to let me know.

I've recently ordered an Esprola and the TFT LCD screen featured on the featured on this Web site. Unfortunately, the Esprola was damaged during shipping and I'm trying to figure out whether the screen has been (slightly) damaged, too. While it works, three of its corners are not attached to the board. Is this normal or are only two of the corners supposed to be slightly elevated?



Even mine have the display not fixed at all corner. Maybe mine it's different from your, mine it's for Esplora, your for Esprola!!!  :P


As well as my - no mistake but property...(probably)


I haven't got the esplora screen, however its common on LCDs to see a few raised corners.

Most of the displays are re purposed from other things, most of the 3" tft touch screens are designed for pda's and phones. They are sometimes opened to remove or flip over the 'home' buttons on the screen. You may notice some on ebay still have the icons on one side of the screen. If its really noticeable, glue it down.
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