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I will work more with this code and when I have the new version I will post it.  Thanks for your help Graynomad.


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Hi again! I have been very busy but now I am improving my arduino code. I have very trouble because the specifications on internet says that Arduino Due has 103 I/0 interrupts.   All pins in this board can be able like interruptions?
For example, if I need use a serial interrupt (Port0-->RX0) must I define this function? --> attachInterrupt(0, Serial0Reception, mode)  where mode (that can be 0, 1, 2 or 3)  in this case is irrelevant?  (Serial0Reception is the name of my serial interrupt).
The first "0" is the Ardino's Pin 0 (Rx0)?
If I need specify other interrupt (for example, Pin RX1 or the interrupt of the pin 51) I need specify in this function the number of this pin?

Thanks  :) :)

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