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Hi Arduino wizards,

I'm new at Arduino but have been playing around with it for some time now.  I have my first project that I'm working on but some  basic programming knowledge is holding me back at the moment. So far it's been copy past to make things work.

The project is an alarm for the driveway and backyard, with 2 relays providing lights as well.  There are two hardware buttons on the  arduino box that can turn on/off the lights.  I'll paste the code below.

I have an arduino app( via netIO, exellent program) that calls rest commands to the pins and does what it needs to do. However I would like to be able to change integers from the rest command to for example make an if statement true by changing int a from 1 to 2.

I don't want, or better said, I can't use any more pins to achieve this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Some code below to show what I'm working on.

YardAlarm ino is the one that needs to be combined with the garagebuttonwithmultiled ino
bad naming I know.

Thanks for all advise.


You failed to mention that you are using a Yun, and you failed to post this is the correct (Yun) forum.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.



Thank you for your words of wisdom. I'm not sure how to change this to the correct YUN part of the forum but I guess people who want to help me will be able to do so from here.

Again, thank you for your help.  I should have mentioned I use an Arduino Yun in the post itself instead of merely in the title.

Best regards,


The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.

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