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I know that the descriptions are all written in Chinese but I am thinking/hoping that you can recognize the kits by sight.  Which one is the best for a newbie?  This website is all order online and wait.  I don't have a specific project in mind now but would like to use this kit to start learning - hopefully will be able to buy one kit and learn almost all, if not all, functions - I don't want to have to keep order new things, piece by piece and waiting x days for it....or maybe this is not realistic?

Any input is helpful.


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Some kits are badly documented, and contain a lot of (almost) useless "sensors". Some kits are overpriced. You could end up disappointed.

That Arduino store has a starter kit, but it is limited.

If you want to spend some money, have a look at Adafruit.
They have good products, and they provide the libraries and tutorials.
The starter pack with the motor add-on is very good way to start.

Also Sparkfun is a good shop.
They have also a starter kit, but without an official Arduino board.

Both Adafruit and Sparkfun have distributers around the world.

The problem is that those starter kits have almost no sensors, and I happen to like sensors :)

Personally, I would buy what I need. On Ebay are many cheap Arduino components, although the quality is sometimes very bad and I had to repair a few things.
The easiest board to start with is the Arduino Uno. You can add leds, or sensors or motors.
Can you tell what you like most ?
- measuring the temperature and baromic value.
- using motors and servo motors, or perhaps use Arduino with Lego motors.
- (large) led display, flashing colors, lights.
- a website on the Arduino.
- create things yourself, like touch or knock sensors or floor switches.
If want to know what the Arduino can do, have a look in the playground section : http://playground.arduino.cc/

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