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Hello, everyone
I am trying to connect 10 or 12 input buttons on digital Arduino Uno pins (from pin 2 to pin 13) the "processing" program  displays the pressed button id, i am using ( 10 K ohm from ground pin attached with every digital pin( could you please see how circuit looks like in the attached video)) , It seams that there is a problem with the power circuit,  because when i move the (5v and gnd wires) to the left side on bread board the buttons on the left side pins activated, and when i move them to the right side the pins on the right side activated.

I did attach a video of the circuit and the output on the laptop screen.

I will highly appreciate your advises that could help me solve this problem

Thank you


i am using ( 10 K ohm from ground pin attached with every digital pin

Why use external pull-downs, when you've got built-in pull-ups?
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I could not open the video as it is private.  It may be, from your description, that the horizontal (power rails) are split in the middle and require a jumper to connect them.  many breadboards are built that way.


Thank you for Advises, I did tried many things to solve, including external and the built in transistors but that did not solve the problem, AWOL.

BUT Now It works according to your Idea groundfungus :) Thank you

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