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The Silicon Railway LEDuino product has gone to revision B with even more added features.

  • Support for self-programming of boot-loader using the avrdude-serjtag option with the FT232R - modify your boot loader and burn it without a programmer.
  • Auto-reset disable option, to disable the Arduino auto-reset feature, no mods, just shift a jumper.
  • Enhanced CAN bus controller circuitry to be more compatible with a wider range of software, including better support for interrupts.

Details, schematics and code will be available at http://www.siliconrailway.com as it becomes available.



For what it is worth:  when I look at your website, I can't find any description of WHAT this is...
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Thank you! Sounds like something has gone wrong,  will get it fixed.



The link from your website to your Ebay store does not work.

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