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I have connected an UNO R3 to a circuit desribed in the NAMA MDB 4.2 standard so that I can "talk" to a vending machine.
Code: [Select]
void init_MDB() {
  // Set baud rate
  // Disable USART rate doubler (arduino bootloader leaves it enabled...)
  UCSR0A &= ~(1 << U2X0);

  // Set asynchronous
  UCSR0C = (0<<UMSEL01)|(0<<UMSEL00);
  // set 1 stop bit
  UCSR0C |= (0<<USBS0);
  // set no parity
  UCSR0C |= (0<<UPM01)|(0<<UPM00);
  // set 9bit
  UCSR0C |=(1<<UCSZ01)|(1<<UCSZ00);
  UCSR0B |= (1<<UCSZ02);

  UCSR0B |= (1<<RXEN0);  // Enable RX
  //UCSR0B |= (1<<TXEN0);  // Enable TX

I can receive data just fine.  When I try to enable transmission
Code: [Select]
  UCSR0B |= (1<<TXEN0);  // Enable TX
The vending machine goes into "out of service" mode.  I am not sending anything.  The only thing I've done is enable this bit.

Is it possible that the arduino is transmitting and I don't know it?  Maybe TX is set to HIGH or something?

Should I disable TX while I don't need it?

Will toggling it at run time introduce noise to the network and screw things up?

Thank you.
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