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It has just been announced that the Maker Faire Rome 2014 is moving it's location to Parco della Musica  in Rome.
Here is a view of it from Maps (on the latest Mac)


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Where did you find that information ?! I am sitting here booking my flights & lodgings, and then on the "main" page I tried to find the location of the exhibition (transport and all that) ...  and I am too stupid(?) to find the address of the venue on their Makerfaire web pages. (On the ParcoDelleMusica pages the dates have no booking)

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OK, I found it - buried in a blog post from the date Grumpy noticed it. (used the search feature on all relevant sites) I consider that it implies it is an INTENTION rather than confirmed. Now I am uncertain if I dare to book the journey (cancelling cheap tickets is usually not possible).


Well here:-
It says:-
So, we have the names. Now, where will they all be? This is the second novelty: we will leave the Palazzo dei congressi and, instead, meet at the Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano. Not only is it the most beautiful structure for events in Rome, it is a real park where we intend to build a Makers Village comparable to those that exist in San Mateo and New York.

Which sounds to me like it is all booked up.

It is also the venue for the open hardware summit two days before.

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